Monday, November 9, 2009

Positive Self-Talk, and a Quick Calculation

We try to teach children to be savvy number crunchers--kids who can not only put skills into practice, but stretch the limits of their application with a hefty dose of good old common sense. Oh, and a positive attitude never hurt either.

This morning at twenty minutes past eleven, a student asked me, "How many minutes until lunch?"

"Ten. You must be hungry!" I replied.

"Yes, I am. But I know I can make it. I KNOW I can, cuz:

10 is only 5, twice."

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  1. I've got one for your blog Andrea...
    Typically on Wednesdays we have PLC. Since we had the field trip to the Cumberland Fair the last week of September Peter asked us to reschedule our meeting for that Friday. So I'm getting my PLC folder and explaining to the kids: "You know how usally I go to my meetings on Wednesdays? Well, I didn't get to go on Weds this week, so I'm going to a Make-up Meeting today". As innocently as they come, a boy in my class looks up at me an says THAT'S WHAT YOU DO AT THOSE MEETINGS? ... YOU PUT ON MAKEUP?