Thursday, November 12, 2009

Decimal Points... EVERYWHERE!

Newly introduced to decimals--the decimal point, and decimal place value--my students received their first homework assignment, to search for examples of decimals in their daily life. The next morning, two girls stood at my desk. One held her homework, still totally blank. Pushing it toward me, she complained,
"I couldn't find ANY decimals at all!"

Before I could address the evident difficulty, the girl beside her spoke up,
"It's easy, just go on the Internet. EVERY Website has decimals."

At this point, I'm sure I looked quite confused myself. A comically long pause ensued as we both stared back at her, heads cocked sideways awaiting her explanation, until, mildly irritated at how obtuse we both must be, she exclaimed,
"Duh! Um, hel-lo! DOT com!????"

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